How to Sleep the Whole Night Through

e-Book: Relaxing for a good night’s sleep

Nourish your spirituality

The key to all this is sleep hygiene and cleansing of the heart.

Your nighttime habits can transform your life. That is why, with this book, I want to guide you towards inner tranquility so that you can rest with your heart free of worry.




ebook How to Sleep the Whole Night Through

If you…

  • usually wake up at dawn and go through episodes of interrupted sleep;
  • want to ‘wake up feeling rested’, ‘sleep deeply to relax the mind’ and ‘have a pleasant sleep’;
  • need to get rid of unhealthy habits and manage your emotions to improve your spiritual health and general well-being

… then I want to share some ancestral spiritual wisdom intertwined with modern knowledge to help you discover the benefits of good sleep and have a restorative experience.

I am Yenni Payeski

 Spiritual companion. Life coach. Wife.
Mother. Daughter.
My purpose is to accompany women in discovering the
presence of God in their lives and finding HAPPINESS
through FAITH.
After years of living away from God and my passion for
nature, I found in Christianity the best shelter to heal my
wounds. I learned that listening to myself and to others was
the way to His infinite love.

Faith led me to become a minister of Silence, Listening, and
Reception. In 2016 I founded Sentirse Amada, a spiritual
center where I offer courses and workshops to help
women in their search for well-being through selfknowledge, meditation, and prayer.
With my books, I help you recognize and observe your
emotions and give you the tools so you regain trust in
yourself and feel the love of God.

Are you part of the 60% of the population who has trouble sleeping several nights a week?

If so, you should know that sleeping well is essential for your body to be protected against and optimally respond to any infection.

I will help you make an internal analysis of your day and observe every moment you went through, whom you met,
how they looked at you, and how you felt. I will give you the tools to find peace before you fall asleep and enter a deep process of inner strengthening.
The world needs you to sleep happily and to unveil the unique talents within you. To do this, you must connect with the love of God and become aware of your value before Him.